Thursday, May 7, 2009

Home-made cleaning products

Hello, folks!

I had to come to the town next to ours' downtown to "visit" the store where I bought our bedroom furniture, and to see why we didn't receive it yet. We bought it on the 28th, and till today, there are only lame excuses that increasingly upset me, so today was the final drop on my cup, and I had to come in person, instead of trying to deal with it by phone. I just hate to feel like a fool!

But first I wanted to stop by here to ask you something very important: If you guys have good natural cleaning products' recipes, please send them to me! :o) I got some from Dani, and also Brett will soon post some of his recipes. I really want to start only using natural products at home, for all the obvious reasons. The more I get, the better, I guess. Can you share some of your favorite ones? This witch would thank you forever! :o)

Kisses and bright blessing, everyone!

PS: The guys from the new well team are right now at home, cross fingers, etc! I made a drawing on the ground with the Laguz rune, hope I get homwe with good news, so we can move this weekend!

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Powell River Books said...

I don't but my friend Margaret does. Here are a few links to her blog:


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Hi Nydia. I use vinegar a lot. Just the cheap "white vinegar." I use it straight for some things and mix it with water for others (like mopping the tile). For wood I have a little piece of beeswax I will rub onto the wood and then a cotton cloth (smooth) to rub it around well and make it shiny. I also use orange oil mixed with grapeseed oil for wood items.

I use "dutch cleanser" without the bleach for scrubbing tubs and sinks.

WHEN USING ANY CLEANING PRODUCTS, be aware that the cats and dogs will walk across floors or lick cabinets!!! Pure vinegar can hurt their mouths when they lick their paws, as can essential oils. Just make sure things are DRY or buffed dry before letting the pets near.

Dragonstar said...

Vinegar mixed with flour or oatmeal is a great cleaner for brass etc.

I do so hope you have good news about the well by now.

I had (still have a bit) vertigo, probably caused by a virus. The tablets are working, but some days are still not wonderful. It seems I just have to wait until it goes...