Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beatriz gives us a fright

Yesterday my brother Delcio, my niece's dad, told us that suddenly she began to get a haemorrhage, evacuating blood. Doctors were trying to identify the cause, but after a blood test (no infection detected) and an X-ray, nothing was found. Today she'll go through an ultra-sound, for a deeper exam. Last night Delcio told me that the doctors could control the flow for a minimum, and that this morning she evacuated with no traces of blood. Go figure it! I can surely say that it was the scariest night I've had, praying and asking for her to be brave and fight for her life. My family is going through a more than delicate phase, it's a "bang" after the other... but I want to believe that everything has a cause, nothing happens by chance and something good will come out of this sadness. At least we're all connected and in close touch all the time, all of us get along well with one another, which makes things a little better to stand.
As my own mom uses to say when things get hard, "I want to go back to my mom's belly!"

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Michele said...

Oh my... this is scary indeed! :(

I am glad things are ok now. I will say more prayers to help that it continues to stay ok and that this does not happen again. Gosh, I can imagine that not much rest was done and you all must need some sleep. Strength comes from love and prayer and it is important that you have these. Stay strong.
Lots of hugs.

Dragonstar said...

She's very new yet, and she could well have had a bleed from a small blood vessel that will heal itself. I do hope that's the case.
Every healing thought that I have is heading your way. Huge hugs for Nydia!
Love and Bright Blessings.