Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mrs. Bradley is back... And she's got a giveaway!

Most of you know that Kris is an old and dear friend of mine here in the blogsphere. I simply admire and love her and I don't mind to say I'm her minion, along with Kallan Kennedy, lol! Hmm, that's an internal joke... *grin*

She's been pretty busy this year working on her first book on witchery, soon to be launched by Weiser books (keep your eyes opened, guys, you don't want to miss it!). So she's kept her acclaimed blog in a hiatus for what I consider a very long time in order to focus on her writings. Fair enough. But enough is enough, we couldn't wait any longer to read her cool posts... And she's back! :o)

She's back just in time for one of the best times for us witches: October! Samhain, Halloween month! Time for ghosts stories, time to connect with ancestral spirits, to share creepy tales, recipes and crafts. Okay, I know that here in the Southern Hemisphere we're heading to Beltane - another favorite sabbat of mine: Lucas is a Beltane child, after all... But I always love to follow up all the fun Halloween parties that many great blogs host during this month. And everybody knows that I can't resist a good giveaway, right? ;)

I'm talking too much, let's go for what really matters: Confession of a Pagan Soccer Mom is giving away a copy of this wonderful book: Old World Witchcraft, by the great pagan author Raven Grimassi. I've been drooling for this book since I first read about it at Facebook, and now we all have a chance to win it. And the best: the giveaway is open worldwide!

So what are you waiting for? Check it out, the contest goes until October 11. I'm already in! ;)

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OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

You darling girl are such a good friend to Mrs. B. She is a very lucky lady.
Good to see you back here today as well. We have all missed you.
Oma Linda

greekwitch said...

I just read your last two posts. I followed the link and i can''t think of anything else. This was such a powerful story.
Be blessed.

Marrissa said...

Isn't it exciting! I havent read my blogs for about a week and my heart was beating out of my chest trying to see if I had made it before the closing date!

Happy Samhain/Halloween!
EEEKK exciting!! :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

Hi Nydia, it's sooo wonderful to see you blogging again!

Please check your inbox, I've sent you a few messages the last few months. I hope they haven't ended up in your junk mail or something.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Amber said...

Hello my love! Long time no see! Well I was dropping by to let you know that I've started a new blog. I hope you have time to drop by :D here's the link:

I started a new blog for many reasons, and I hope you can join me on my new journey. Also, there's a new button for my blog... I would be so over joyed if you wouldn't mind adding it to your button exchange.

Lys Gaia said...

Olá,Nydia, seu blog é adorável, eu leio bem em inglês, porém para falar e escrever eu fico com muito esforço apenas no razoável, por isso vai meu comentário em português mesmo.
Gostei muito de seu blog, adorei o nome, a forma simples, sincera, verdadeira como você cultua os Deuses é tocante e me identifiquei muito.

Por que você não faz o blog em português ou pelo menos nas duas linguas, sei que os blogs pagãos em pt são poucos, mas seria interessante ter gente como você escrevendo na nossa lingua nativa.