Sunday, June 5, 2011

Smeared and Smudged's Skull Appreciation Day Blog Hop

Smeared Ink Skull Blog Hop

Yes! Today is the Skull Appreciation Day launched by Skull a Day, and Terra, the great soul behind Smeared and Smudged, decided to give a party to celebrate it! 37 amazing blogs will be sharing their skull projects for you to enjoy and try at home, and there are super cool prizes to win, including my Spooky Skull keychain:

Skulls are one of my favorite things (and the little witch's too, he's always drawing them around, lol!). They obviously remind me about my mortality, and how fragile life is - so that we need to have fun while we can! I do honor mine and take good care of it, because I want to keep it for a long time inside of me before getting to the next level, you know? ;)

And for artists, there are so many possibilities to work with! I was introduced me to Gary Rith, this wonderful artist who creats all types of pottery and who made a whole set for the Skull lovers:

How cool is that?!

Black Dragon is one of the skull projects' participants, and her art is awesome:

This is only one of the many great projects going on, you just can't miss it! Check them out, and join the fun!

4 comentários:

Lilac Wolf (Angie or Angela) said...

We hace a green one that is in our kitchen. It really is a reminder to enjoy it is wicked cool!

ScrappingBeauty said...

love the keychain!!!!

The Traveler said...

Those are awesome. I have to check out that pottery set!

blackdragon said...

I love your keychain.... and i'm the lucky person who won it!
Thank you so much for sponsoring our skull appreciation blog hop.
I am surprised to see my art work here, when you had so many pieces to pick from.
I am honoured.
Keep safe lynx