Saturday, September 18, 2010

Enjoying the sun

(photo: courtesy of Lucas)

The last couple of weeks, we're having gorgeous sunny days (except for yesterday and the day before it), antecipating the Spring that is almost here. Have I already said I can't wait for Spring to come and shoo away the cold weather?

Since the days are warmer, clouds-free, I could start working on my dolls outside, and we created this routine, my little witch and I. We take our breakfast, and go to the sun. I grab my supplies, our bottle of fresh water, turn on the radio, sit on yje ground or on my beach wrap, and start embroidering, while watching Lucas to play with his toys. we stay outside from 8:30 to 11am, when we get inside for his shower, lunch and getting ready to school. I leave everything ready so we can enjoy the mornings with no rush.

And it's awesome! I get pretty productive under the sun and I'm getting a cool tan at the same time, and being out there listening to the birds' crazy singing (so many they are spread on the trees!) and breathing the pure air is so renewing... Lucas has lots of fun playing with his toys, making them fight imaginary battles in a water container. He gets his grape popsicle, and rides his scooter.

And mom is back from her mini-vacations at the beach. She's got a wonderful tan that I'm envious of!

Lucas is all happy with his grandma back to chat and make crosswords with him! ;)

Now I hope the cold front the weather forecast is announcing doesn't reach our place this weekend, and we can keep enjoying our days.

Wish you all guys a wonderful weekend!

3 comentários:

Mother Moon said...

funny how we are so looking forward to fall and you the spring... hope you get your wish and warmer weather stays with you. love the picture of Lucas and his grandma...

Powell River Books said...

You get spring and I get fall. But I like fall weather and the lovely colours of the leaves. Still a bit warm, but cool at nigh and lots of rain after a very dry summer. Nice routine with Lucas. Glad you mom had a nice vacation at the beach. We all deserve a fun break. - Margy

KrisMrsBBradley said...

I'm so jealous of your warm weather! Mine is getting cooler every day. I respect the changing of the seasons, but I sure like the warmer ones better, lol!