Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Harry Potter and his wand

Lucas is madly in love with Harry Potter movies and books. One of my dearest friends, Holly, who's constantly spoiling my little witch, sent him a lovely b-day card with HP and also a bookmark with Edwiges, Harry's owl, that Lucas simply loved and is proudly using to save his latest book's read pages. I'll post a photo here asap! :o)

A couple of weeks ago he got a little branch from an old fallen tree at his school, and decided it would be his new altar wand. He rasped it with a scissor to remove its bark, polished it with a sandpaper and made his favorite magickal drawings on the surfaces. Then he put it into a plastic bag full of sea salt for cleansing (it was the waning moon), and placed it outside to empower it under the hidden moon on tat rainy night.

The morning after I glued on the tip a cute triagular crystal I had bought for him, and he wrapped it with his chosen blue silk ribbon. It looks cute!

Of course when he saw me taking its photo, he wanted to take one too with his wand in hand and his "Harry Potter pose" that you see above... Boys! hehe

And now he has two wands, one natural with no ornaments for honoring the Earth element, and this brand-ne one, to open and close the circle at our rituals!

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Zombie Queen said...

Ahhh!!! How wonderful! I love that picture. Who is his favorite character? Which house would he be in? My son is having my knit him an owl. I have the coolest book of Harry Potter knitting projects.

Nydia said...

lol! You can't imagine how crazy he is with HP, Angel! He could only be in Gryffindor. I've read him the first three books, and he watched all the movies. His 5th b-day party was all Harry Potter (I'm almost sure I posted about it here two years ago on August). Does your son loves his owl too? That's so cool! :o) I didn't even know ther was a book on P knitting projects!
I bet Lucas would be that kind of witch if he could... ;)

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

I'm afraid I'd be in Hufflepuff, Nydia. Or maybe turn out to be a Squib. lol.

I like Lucas's new wand! He looks like an excellent wizard already, he has the pose and the "look" exactly right!

Anonymous said...

Nydia....Lucas is soooo talented! What a lovely wand and picture. He is definitely a special boy.

Lots of love and kisses to both of you.


Mother Moon said...

what a wonderful story... I love the picture of lucas with his wand....

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Oh, I wish you were closer!! Maddy loves Harry Potter so much - I know she'd be leading Lucas on many adventures!

What a great wand he's made! What a crafty little witch he's becoming! I love seeing his altar with all it's goodies on it!

Anonymous said...

My girls love Harry Potter also.

His wand is beautiful.


amy said...

Love it! I have a hard time finding crystals or I am sure we would have more wands for the little ones around here. :) Love the Harry Potter pose.

Powell River Books said...

Lucas is quite the artist and photo model. Love the first shot. Thanks for stopping by to comment at my blog. I've been away from the Internet quite a bit this last month. We spent a wonderful three weeks up the lake at the cabin and then Wayne and I just took a kayak trip here in Washington, camping along one of the big rivers that flow into the Pacific Ocean. Lots of fun. I'm glad you are back in blogging action. - Margy

Marie S said...

Happy Birthday Lucas! I am so sorry I missed it. I hope you had a wonderful day!!

I think Lucas is a handsome wizard.
Love the pose.
Hope all is well with you both.
Love and huge hugs.

Marie S said...

Oh, I forgot.
Lucas you did a fabulous job on the wand. A lot of talent think.
It is beautiful.
Well done.

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Momma always thrill me with your tales of you and Lucas. You are both fortunate to have this wonderful bond together, teaching each other, sharing the fun of life.
Lucas makes and excellent Hogwarts student, I too wonder what house he thinks he might be in. And would he play Quidditch? Ry has a broom he uses to play up and down our hill saying he is scoring for Slitherin....thing is I think he might have picked the right house...yikes. Great post of a super project for Lucas and you. The Olde Bagg

Andréann said...

Lucas is my favourite HP ever. That wand is simply gorgeous, and I love all the caring he put into it. I bet he's gonna use it for ages!

Mist said...

What a little dear! It's wonderful that he put his own touches on his wand. I love it!

Rue said...

He is just so cute! I suppose he may be getting too big to be saying that - but it's true! Great pose and really good job on the wand!