Friday, July 2, 2010

Of innocence and the otherworld

Thursday were emotionally hard for me. My bother found this baby bird that fell at our house, and I took care of it, hoping it would soon be strong enough to fly away again. My neighbour lended me her wooden cage, whose bottom I covered wih newspaper and I placed the tiny and absolutely adorable baby bananaquit in there, feeding him with drops of sweet water and warming the covered cage with a lamp trhough the whole afternoon and early evening. Lucas got excited to have a litle life to help returning to the free world soon.

But latr in the evening, after I put my little witch to sleep, I lifted the cloth that was coverng the cage only to find ut the poor little thing was dead. He couldn't make it. The morning after Lucas looked for it and I explained what happened trying not to sound dramatic, and he wa so sweet he wanted to comfort me!

To worsen things, just hours later, our goldfish Nemo was also dead. He was weird all day long and gods know why died too, although I keep the bowl clean, feed him with small portions of fish food, etc. As I was talking ot my FB friends, this kind f fish doesn't live too long, alas. Now we only have Lancelot, but I plan to buy another one to keep him company asap.

I buried them both at our garden, after drawing a pentagram and a triple moon on the cloth that I wwrapped the tiny bodies, and Lucas want to plant a flower or herb on the place.

Sooooo... It was hard. I deal very badly with death. Human or not. I'm okay now and so is Lucas (he seems to deal better than me!)... But I don't like it! Technically, specialy being a pagan, I know it's part of the cycle of life and the Wheel of the Year, etc. But it breaks my heart anyway.

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mrsnesbitt said...

Oh dear, you have my hugs and thoughts - you did your very best! Dxxx

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Baby birds are so fragile, the stress of not being in the nest is what usually takes them. You did your best my dear. I too lost one of my huge goldfish this week. I don't deal with the ending of life well. It always has a profound effect on my as well.
Be well, tell Lucas hi for us, in love and light, Linda

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

oooh- gosh! I've had plenty of times where I have tried to save a bird and he/she didn't make it. I have to console myself with the thought that the poor last animals last hours were with a caring loving individual.
Like you and your little witch are

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

It´s the way of nature, but it´s always sad when it happens. The little bird had probably injured it self when falling at Your house. At least it´s comforting to know it had a nice and quiet place the last hours of its life.
Take care now!

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

You can't hide death from children - that Lucas comforted you shows he understands the fundamentals of love.

Bird said...

Oh, Nydia, I'm so sorry. That is so incredibly difficult. I've done this in the past too. The only one that made it was a Cedar Waxwing. Robins never will. It's too much for them. And most baby birds are the same way. This may sound cruel or cowardly, but I now let nature take Her course because the heartbreak of taking them in and having them die anyway was too much for me. It's so very, very difficult and sad when you loose them.

I lived in the country for a long time and saw many heart breaking things. Nature can be very, very rough. But it is Her way of things. I can so relate to wanting to save a little innocent baby bird. They are so fragile and helpless.

Brightest Blessings to you and I hope you can rest a little easier knowing you did all you could and that the little dear's spirit is in a better place, and who knows? Maybe well on his/her way to being reborn.

Blessings to you,

Michele said...

Oh sweetie. It is so sad to see our living go on to the next world. I find it very difficult as well. I try to remember it is part of the cycle but it is still very hard to accept. I understand your pain. I send you strength, if it helps at all.
Hugs and kisses to you all ♥

Illustrated Ink said...

Oh Nydia, I'm so sorry! I can't believe two tiny creatures died on the same day. I love birds so much, that it would have broken my heart to lift the blanket and see him lying there. :( It sounds like Lucas handled it well. Hugs!

Anga Mazle said...

Dois bichinhos mortos no mesmo dia é dose, Nydia. Pobre Lucas.

O passarinho era um sebinho ou caga-sebo, como é conhecido aqui no Sudeste o Coereba flaveola. Ele adora o nectar das flores. Em criança eu tive um, ferido na asa, com atiradeira, por meu irmão. Chamava-se Zezinho e viveu mais de dez anos. Ficou manso, todo dia eu o tirava da gaiola e o punha no ombro. O sebinho, se filhote, deve ser alimentando com líquido doce, mas não água com açúcar que fermenta muito. O Zezinho, até tornar-se adulto, só bebia água filtrada misturada com caldo de laranja lima, sapoti, pera ou caqui.

Sua história me deu saudades, há anos eu não pensava no Zezinho.

Gostei do seu blog!

Beijos pra você e Lucas

Ponderosa Pagan said...

I will send some love and hugs to you from my altar. And I will mention Nemo and the bananaquit in my prayers.
Feel better!