Monday, March 22, 2010

A happy day

As I told you in earlier posts, last weekend we had my favorite aunt Sandra's 68th birthday party here (above is aunt with Lucas), my mother's sister. It was a very happy time with my family and friends. I wanted to share some moments with you guys, because I just love when we get together in such fun, crazy time. My brothers and my sister and their families came, my dad's 92-year-old brother (the only one still alive of dad's siblings) whom I adore and that due to his fragile health we are seldom able to enjoy his company - but he didn't want to miss this oppotunity to celebrate with us.
Here he's talking about old times with my brother Evaldo, and drinking old good beer...

Also one of my oldest aunts (92 too) came, she's so lovely! Here you can see her with my mom:

Evaldo was with his youngest fan, our sweet aby Beatriz, my brother Delcio's little daughter. She's crazy for him, and always wants to be in his lap! We try to get her attention, but no way... She loves his green eyes! LOL

I could have my gorgeous sister Claudia' for fun chats and sisters' "gossips" - we're always in touch via msn, since she lives in Sao Paulo, 7 hours from here, and when she comes, we get glued!

We had our barbecue, as always simple and antecipated by everyone - simply read & white meat and rice:

What I love about the friends who were here last Saturday is that they don't care if mom's house needs repairs, or better, an extreme makeover! The very old walls need painting, the ceiling needs fixing, etc. But they don't care, what they see is the love and the great energy of everybody who lives here. These are the people I care about, who know us for life, and see through.

Aunt Sandra couldn't be happier. She teased uncle Helio making him remember their old time in dad's farm when she was a little girl, he couldn't stop laughing with her!

We all spoiled her well, such a hard-worker - imagine being a taxi driver in Rio for more than 30 years! Gotta be this crazy, strong, funny woman we all love so much and who was all the time there for us.

You know, one of those days you don't want to end? That's right...

In the end of the day, we were all so tired we decided, me and lucas (more me than he LOL) to postpone Mabon's ritual. The cornucopy was already set, but to crown everything,Lucas remembered that Arnaldo (my other brother), had brought an Avatar copy for him! Of course Lucas wanted to watch it before sleeping, so Mabon had to wait... He absolutely adored it- watched it holding his MacDonald's movie toys, and said that "it was so pagan, there's even a tree of life in the story!" I almost lost my breath laughing! We slept right after the credits were rolling. A deep, happy sleep.

4 comentários:

Rue said...

What a wonderful party! I love when my family gets together! You all look like you love and enjoy each other very much!

Nar said...

It looks as though everyone had a fantastic time. What a great family! I would love to visit Brazil one of these days. I need to learn some Portuguese first ,though, as Spanish can't really take me very far!

Lilac Wolf (Angie or Angela) said...

Sounds like a fantastic day. I didn't know Avatar was out yet. it was a very pagan movie, and better yet it did it in a good way. :)

Dani said...

Looks like a wonderful time! I can just hear the music. Ah, I miss Brazil!