Sunday, January 17, 2010

Etsy help for Haiti

Everybody is posting about the horrible situation in Haiti. Everything is so heart-breaking that sincerely I couldn't find the words to express my feeling of sadness and frustration for not being able to help somehow.

Then I stumbled across this wonderful action at Etsy, Hearts for Haiti.
There are, up to now, 178 items for sale, with all proceeds donated to the Doctors Without Borders. It's a humble step, but we all know that it's a step at a time that makes the difference, and every cent is important to help this country. I just had one of my dragons sold and I feel good to have helped somehow.

Do take a look, there are many gorgeous handcrafts with such good prices, shipping-free. I'm sure you'll find something to make your home more beautiful, and to help rebuilding someone else's home as well.

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Dani said...

This is wonderful Nydia! I'm Haitian and happy to say my whole family is safe! Haiti and Brazil have a great relationship. I hear that when Brazil's futbol team is playing, Haiti totally shuts down. And did you see that Brazil's Giselle Bunchen donated 1.5 million to Haiti?

Anyway, thanks again.

Muitos beijos para Haiti!