Thursday, December 4, 2008

These wonderful friends

Last Friday I had another beautiful surprise at the mail. Seems like Christmas arived earlier to me these days. Today I could finally post them here.

First I got a mail from Blue with a beautiful postcard of her historic city (Lucas tried to find the statues there!) and a fun, great book with photos of Oxford's gargoyles for Lucas. He loved turning the pages with dad paying attention to each detail of the gargoyles - he's not afraid of the faces, much the opposite, he laughed and chose his favorites!

She also sent me this gorgeous, elegant cat statue that is now honouring our shelf, she knows I love black cats! ;) Thank you so much, sweet Blue, I know how long you were trying to make these gifts get to Lucas' hands! They arrived just in time! :o)


On the same afternoon another package came to me, from Holly. She offered me some time ago to send me a batch of wools for my crafts, which I happily accepted. Now imagine my surprise when I found out that, along with the wonderful wools, there were also delicate beads for crafting, and cool little gifts for my little witch, (below having fun at challenging his brains to work when building the fun Z-cars):
She even sent her priceless prim cats! For those who don't know, my Etsy prim cats' patterns are based on her great creation, that I got at her former Skullblossom blog - so they have a special meaning to me - thank you, Holly, you're a sweetie!:

I feel very thankful and blessed to have such friends here. That's why I say that everyone on my blogroll is there for a special reason. All of you are sweet, strong, fun, crazy and great individuals who bring light to my life in many ways. I hope to soon be able to return this love and heart-warmth through mail!

PS: and I haven't forgotten the Pay it Forward, by the way! I'm soooo late, but you know why! :o)

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KrisMrsBBradley said...

What wonderful surprises! It's so nice to receive something fun in the mail!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Yay, surprises! That's the good part...Boo, more to pack for the move, that's the bad part!!! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! What a warm surprise for you.

P.S. I mailed you and Lucas a little bell this morning.

Tori said...

Those are amazing surprises! It's so fun to get things in the mail. Enjoy! <3

Genie Sea said...

Oh! Such beautiful gifts! SO full of care and love. :)