Monday, July 21, 2008

Late Framed Friday - 8

As it was The Full Moon, I was all concentrated on the Dreamboard, and didn't posted about my Framed Friday, so here it is, "a little bit" late! :)

The letter is A, and what's better than Aprons? For those who love cooking or simply HAVE to cook, an apron is a must. I can't cook without getting covered with splashes of whatever I'm "brewing" at the moment... I found some cool aprons at Ananas Designs. They have several products with unusual designs, like this Bewitched Pin-Up Girl apron:

Another simpler one that I like is this black Kitchen Witch apron from the WackyJac site:

Rhanna's Room, the new Etsy page by Rhanna, Kelli's (from Dancing Goddess Dolls) 12-year-old talented daughter, also has cool aprons with cute embroidery designs like this one:

I hope you all had a great weekend. For more products, visit Learning Mama and join the fun!

4 comentários:

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Wow, cute apron! I didn't see that one (maybe it got snapped up). But I saw an awsome piratey skull apron that I might have to have!

These people should be paying you a commission, lol!

Powell River Books said...

Hi Nydia - I never did get the knack of wearing an apron, but maybe I should. I'm always spilling stuff down my front when I cook. I love it when we are at the cabin. I do breakfast, but Wayne cooks all our dinners. At least my chances of making a mess are cut in half that way. Have a great week. I get to go back up to the cabin until Friday for a good rest. This weekend we have a booth at the local Seafair festival. It will wear us out I know, at least it did last time. - Margy

Suzie Ridler said...

They are the COOLEST! I love the kitchen witch apron, just the idea of it as an apron is pure genius. I wear my husband's old karate jacket because I need all of me covered up when I cook and bake. I end up being such a mess!

So nice to hear from you Nydia, I always look forward to your comments.

Lisa R Charles said...

I like the Ananas Designs & the Rhanna's Room!

I never heard about Framed Friday, I'll have to check it out!