Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ABC Wednesday - M

So today is the ABC Wednesday, the letter is "M", and I thought about Music! This is something that is so present in my life, at home, that I couldn't resist talking about it. My hubby loves playing the guitar - and he learnt it all by himself - and as anyone can see below, Lucas is following dad's steps... (photo from my arquive, taken last year, in June):

Brazil is very rich when the subject is music. We have excellent musicians, and our home is full of CDs and DVDs from diverse Brazilian artists. I'd like to invite you all to enjoy a few of my favorite ones, some from the old times, some from nowadays (in each name, there's a link to a video with a song, so make sure you have time to listen to them!):

Lenine is a great composer and singer, and his carrer is well stablished abroad in Europe as well. He plays the guitar wonderfully and his calm, sweet voice soothes me, but don't get me wrong, he's very energetic depending on the song.

Ney Matogrosso, whose performance alive is breath-taking, and his voice is superb. It's amazing how pure it is - and how sexy this sixty-years-old man still is after such a long time on stage...

Seu Jorge is amazing. His strong figure when singing makes everybody move, and his melodies are just great. I also love

Skank, a band that is on the road for almost twenty years now. They grew maturity along the years, but their songs are always light and bring a smile on my face.
Of course, I can't forget Chico Buarque, I bow down to him... in my opinion the best composer ever. Period. Beautiful melodies and lyrics.

Cássia Eller was a perfect singer, all emotional. Unfortunately she left us too early, but her songs will remain in our hearts. This specific song always bring tears to my eyes, literally, so beautiful it is.
Nando Reis. Ah... speechless. A great composer, came from a super rock band. His solo carrer is praised as one of the most solid ones. Lucas looooves this song, Mantra. And it is so meanful to me in this painful time of my life.

Tom Jobim is timeless. Along with Elis Regina (another powerful voice and incredible artist who left this world too early. I had to add two songs, the second one is my fav one of hers. Used to sing it at the shower when I was a kid... and I still do, poor hubby...) he made this sweet duet.

Toquinho, who composed a lot with Vinicius de Moraes - another genius, made this incredibly sweet and true song about life, for a TV special show for children, many years ago.

And that's it. I have to stop here because the list goes endlessly and I don't want to bother more you with it... Hope you enjoyed at least some of them . Let me know which you liked most, and don't forget visiting the ABC main page to see other great posts! :)

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Miss_Yves said...

Hello Nydia!
What a good idea to make us hear music!I'll come back !I have just listened Lenine: pleasant voice, indeed!
The young musician is cute!
(And the crescent tatoo is certainely nice!)
Miss Yves

Anne-Berit said...

Wonderful M-post,great music,love it!

Dragonstar said...

Beautiful post Nydia. I think I'll be back many times to continue listening.

Lucas looks very serious with his daddy's huge guitar!

Neva said...

Good choice...music!
I hope you can stop by here or here!

Michele said...

Oh Lucas looks fantastic behind that guitar. I think he might pick it up maybe like his father. I learned the piano like that as well. No lessons, just learned it all by myself.
Great M post, Nydia.
The Rocky Mountain Retreat

Petunia said...

It is a comming star!!!

Petunia's ABC

RuneE said...

Brazilian Music - Antonio Carlos Jobim... ah...

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

I listened to a couple of the pieces and though not quite my taste at least you provide the links and don't impose it on listeners by playing it automatically like some blogs do [which I hate irrespective of whether I like the music or not]

An interesting post.

nonizamboni said...

Perfect 'm' post. I love music and was so excited to see the Tom Jobim video! Thanks for sharing!

FO - 2 said...

"So i say thank you for the music......", ABBA. :)
A little star - Lucas. :)))


Patty said...

Music is a great choice for this week! You son looks like he is enjoying himself. Keep encouraging him and he will always have a love for Music.

Janet said...

What a great choice for M! I think we all love music. Lucas is sure to be a guitar player....he's already on his way.

nancy said...

I'm a guitar playe too,and I can see that Lucas has his fingers in postition all right. Great shot.

Katney said...

The guitar looks bigger than Lucas.